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Where do Tightings’ products come from?

Tightings is a product entirely made in Italy. Our business is located in Guidizzolo (MN) and our raw materials – the yarns four our fabrics – come from Fulgar, another business in the Mantova area, a real excellence in italian textile production and a leader in the fibre market.

In what occasions can I wear Tightings?

Tightings is perfect for every moment of your daily life. Ideal for sports, it can also take you to work or through your free time because it’s comfortable and trendy. The wide selection of models and colors allows you to choose the one which fits your needs best. Every moment has its ideal scenario, every scenario is perfect for Tightings.

Why wear Tightings?

Tightings helps you express your true personality, even during sport. You can choose between six different types of innovative fabrics, each distinguished by specific technical features, which will make your training sessions special and personalized. They are light, extremely comfortable and breathable, without stitching on the legs: you can wear them all day in full comfort.

Is Tightings good for all sports?

If you need sports leggings you will certainly find the right Tightings for you, whatever sport you may be into. You can choose between models that are more suited to fitness and competition and others that are more casual for less intense workouts, including high-tech fabrics ideal for the gym and perfect materials for outdoor activities.

How to choose the perfect Tightings for me?

Read the product information sheets to identify the model that best suits your needs, or write to us on this site or on social media if you need advice. You can find us on Facebook: @tightings or on Instagram: @ tightings.official - Don't forget to follow us to become part of the world of Tightings!

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