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Tightings, Your second skin

Tightings is your second skin. An item of clothing that allows you to play sports and enjoy free time with complete freedom of movement and with extreme comfort.
The Celeste Tightings, made of organic fabric, is ultra light and remains superstretch, softly wrapping the legs without discomfort caused by seams. You can play sports and move in absolute freedom, even indulging in acrobatic dance.
Viola is the Tightings that you can wear to go for a walk, to take a break from work or to play sports with a legging completely free of vertical seams.
Do you want to choose a leggings green, without vertical seams, made with recycled yarns and highly breathable? Ambra is the Tightings that encompasses all the qualities of a sportswear item, comfortable, made with respect for the environment and designed for the well-being of your body.