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EVO By Fulgar - 100%
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Who is

Celeste is an aware woman, she loves nature and is attentive to her environmental impact in every moment of the day. When she practices sports she prefers the open air and loves to take long walks with her friends or her trusted four-legged companion. For her meals, she carefully selects the healthier foods and the most genuine ingredients. When it comes to clothing she always goes for items realized with organic tissues, respectful of both her skin and the environment.



Celeste is the ideal model for those who choose a green lifestyle without renouncing fashion. It conjugates the esthetic and wearability needs of the fashion item with an attentive environmental awareness.

Celeste is a model realized with the innovative EVO fiber, 100% bio-based and derived from castor beans. It has a real weight of 25% less than a garment made of polyester. It is light, almost imperceptible on the skin and perfectly in line with the taste of modern sportswear. The total absence of seams on the legs guarantees perfect comfort at any time of the day.

EVO by

EVO is a high performance yarn that originates from a biopolymer made up of 100% castor beans. It is ultra-light, super-stretch and breathable, dries quickly and needs no ironing, has natural thermal and bacteriostatic properties. The cultivation of castor seeds from which the raw material is obtained grows in arid areas, not intended for agriculture: production does not imply negative repercussions on the human and animal food chain.